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About the foundation

Encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting economic growth in Western Australia

The Foundation’s primary objective is to encourage and support entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership in Western Australia and, by doing so, to contribute to the development and growth of the economy and quality of life for all those living in Western Australia.

This objective is based on the belief that a strong and diverse economy with an increase in the numbers of individuals and businesses able to create wealth and employment opportunities is a critical element in establishing and supporting the amenities and services that make up a good society, including services for people in need.

The Malka Foundation's philanthropic activities

Most of the Foundation’s philanthropic activity focuses on organisations that provide entrepreneurial education from kindergarten through to tertiary and beyond to teach the skills and mindset needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

A small proportion of the Malka Foundation grants budget is available for the support of other more traditional community organisations offering services to those in need. These organisations are identified by the staff and board of the Malka Foundation.

Purpose Ventures

The founders of Malka have invested in Purpose Ventures which is the first W.A.-based venture capital company to support the next generation of WA innovators and entrepreneurs. The fund is industry agnostic, invests from Pre-Seed to Series B rounds and has a target to invest 70-80% of its funds in WA-founded or operated companies. The fund is run by startup industry veterans Derek & Kylie Gerrard and Malka is a proud partner of the fund. It supports our goal of building a sustainable startup ecosystem in WA where more entrepreneurs have the infrastructure and capital to launch amazing companies from WA.



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Nicole Lockwood


Board of directors

Malcolm Steinberg

Adam Steinberg

Dene Steinberg

Jessica Karotkin

Brett Owen

The Foundation's Name Inspiration

Honoring the legacy of a migrant entrepreneur

The Foundation is named in honour of Malcolm Steinberg’s paternal grandmother, Malka Steinberg. The family has chosen to acknowledge her memory as a migrant and refugee to Australia in the early twentieth century who demonstrated the entrepreneurial mindset which has been the inspiration for the Malka Foundation.

An aged photo of Malka Steinberg
An abstract unicorn used as part of Malka Foundation logo

Our brand vision

Unicorn with an attitude

Founder Malcolm Steinberg and the vision of the board of directors for the Malka Foundation is represented by an abstract unicorn – ‘a unicorn with attitude’.

The word unicorn has transcended its original meaning of a mythical horned white horse to describe “a rare and treasured person or thing,” whether it’s a billion-dollar startup or a multi-talented individual.

The term unicorn in business refers to a privately held start-up company valued at over $1 billion. It is the hope of the Malka Foundation that its work will contribute to the creation of unicorn companies in Western Australia and to individuals who demonstrate creative and unique talents.

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