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Jack’s Trailblazing Journey with IDEA – Empowering Changemakers of Tomorrow

Jack from IDEA Academy

Jack’s Trailblazing Journey with IDEA – Empowering Changemakers of Tomorrow

The Malka Foundation’s unwavering support of the IDEA Trailblazer Scholarships has been remarkable. Their recent investment in IDEA’s future reflects their dedication to nurturing entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership in Western Australia.” 

Nicole Gazey, Co-Founder, IDEAcademy

Jack’s journey as a Trailblazer at IDEA is nothing short of inspirational. Initially reserved, Jack found his stride within IDEA’s Future Ready program, propelling him to apply for Year 12 at IDEA in 2023. His brainchild, TeamPlay, a sports recruitment platform, catapulted him into the spotlight as the youngest founder at Techstars Startup Weekend in 2022.

Within IDEA’s nurturing ecosystem, Jack seized invaluable opportunities, including a transformative work placement with BetterLabs Ventures, where his contributions helped shape entrepreneurial ideas. Post-graduation, collaborating with IDEA student, Liam Oliver, at the IDEA hub, they fine-tuned TeamPlay, ultimately securing a $10,000 Lotterwest Idea Starter Grant.

Looking ahead, Jack strikes a balance between his entrepreneurial endeavours and pursuing a Bachelor of Innovation at Curtin University. His journey from a timid newcomer to the visionary founder of TeamPlay embodies IDEA’s unwavering commitment to fostering young trailblazers. Through our diverse programs and scholarships, IDEAcademy continues to equip students like Jack with the skills, experiences, and networks essential for success in the entrepreneurial landscape and beyond.