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Partnership expansion with Curtin University

Partnership expansion with Curtin University

The Malka Foundation is delighted to announce the extension and expansion of our partnership with Curtin University, until 2028.

Curtin and the Foundation have been partners since 2020, united in developing a thriving West Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem and a commitment to building the next generation of entrepreneurs.

During the first phase of our partnership, Curtin and Malka have worked with over 400 budding entrepreneurs with successful startups such as SpaceDraft, VetChip, Procuracon, Tempo, Omni and Co-Architecture emerging from the growing ecosystem of Curtin students, staff and alumni.

In the forthcoming phase, Curtin will work to build the depth and breadth of the Curtin entrepreneurship ecosystem (image below) and extend the pipeline approach to entrepreneurship, into Schools and beyond.

Planned activities over the coming five-year period include; entrepreneurial skillsets and mindsets embedded across the Curtin curriculum, industry internships, launching a venture studio, opening up access to Curtin facilities and infrastructure for startups to test and grow faster and launching a venture ready fund.

The Malka Foundation and Curtin University are delighted to work in partnership to support WA’s next unicorns and position Western Australia as the fastest growing entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Australia.