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IDEA Academy lobby

Challenging the status quo in education

IDEAcademy is an alternative to high school for young creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs who think differently. We work with our networks to arrange portfolio-based pathways to university, training and employment driven by students’ personal interests.

IDEA is an academy for young innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs aged 15 – 18 years. We provide a hybrid education model for a new generation of learners, designed to be interest driven, flexible and immersed in the real world.

Our program is a vocational alternative to mainstream school and culminates in each young person developing a comprehensive portfolio of experiences and nationally recognised credentials. The IDEA portfolio becomes a student’s ticket to university, further education and training, and employment.

IDEA operates out of a network of co-learning hubs where students can connect with peers and mentors and work on collaborative projects. Our co-learning hubs offer the face to face cohort, networks andculture that young people also crave.  These hubs do for education what coworking has done for the workplace, offering a personalised experience in a high care work-like environment.

The Malka Foundation’s unwavering support, particularly through our Trailblazer Scholarships, has been remarkable. Their recent investment in IDEA’s future reflects their dedication to nurturing entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership in Western Australia.

Nicole Gazey, Co-Founder, IDEAcademy

Portrait photo of Nicole Gazey